Welcome to our website. We deal in European sculpture, small-scale sculpture and Old Master paintings from the following periods:

  • Gothic, Late Gothic
  • Renaissance, Baroque
  • Rococo, Classicism, Romanticism
  • Historicism, Salon, Art Nouveau

Dr. Bernhard Decker specializes in European sculpture and Old Master paintings dating from the Middle Ages up to 1900. The extensive selection from these period fields includes a wide variety of choice works of European art, every piece of best museum quality, including absolute masterpieces like the relief The Mocking of Job shown above, carved by the monogrammist I.P. around 1520, and acquired by the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. His main focus lies on European medieval and Baroque sculpture whereby - typical for these periods - religious themes prevail. Along with medieval, mostly Late Gothic, altar sculpture of larger scale, the connoisseur can find here Renaissance and Baroque small-scale sculpture in ivory, wood and bronze.

In addition to outstanding examples of Old Master altar paintings, a large selection of small-scale devotional pictures, portraits, and landscapes are available.